15/5/07 - 10:59

Jan 30th 2007 (Unit S. Maria al Tempio)

Thanks to the Pipino family for their friendness. They excel al looking after guests. Loved Oria, very friendly people. We are looking for a house here so we will be back.

Pauline + George Degg, Stoke (?) on Trent - England

N° 40

15/5/07 - 10:59

Oct. 24th – 28th 2006 (Unit Castiglio)

Franko the Restorer!

Derek, Angie and the “duo bimbos” Joelle and Emma were here in August and we so fell in love with Oria and its people we bought an apartment! Come on, British, who’s next? So here I am, back again, to sign the papers. The best move (?) of my life, literally! Yes, we hope to retire to this still undiscovered part of Europe (and maybe do a little business on the side?). Of course NONE of this would have been possible without the magnificent Franko! He is totally inexhaustible in is quest to restore Oria to its former glory and I just cannot keep up with him. I need other(?) holiday when I get home from this “”Unshing(?) holiday”! Thanks for everything you have done and are going to do, to make our dream come true.

Derek, Maldon UK

N° 39

15/5/07 - 10:58

October 2006 (Unit Camillo 19)

Ciao Francesco,

We want to thank you for making our visit to Oria the best holiday we have ever had. You assistance and knowledge of the commune we visited was better than any of the autobus tourist guides could even think of. Also, the food at Ristorante Fuori Porta was magnificent, as was the employees who assisted us with ordering. The next time you speak to the owner, please express our gratitude for preparing an excellent antipasti for us Sunday evening.

We enjoyed staying in your apartment, too, and we are looking forward to returning next October, but, maybe for a week or more.

Also, contact my son Steven about He was really impressed with your apartments.

Grazie mille

Dick and Josephine Miale

N° 38

15/5/07 - 10:58

23 – 30 Sept. 2006 (Unit S. Maria al Tempio)

Loved it.

All of it.

Except the unseasonal rain!

Jackie and Adrian Criddle SWANSEA.

N° 37

15/5/07 - 10:58

16.09.06 – 23.09.2006 (Unit S. Maria al Tempio)

Vooreerst wensen we jullie beiden van harte ie feliciteren voor de hartelijke ontvangst ed de heerlyke momenten die we in jullie prachtig gerenoveerde huis mochten ervaren. Het was zoals thuiskomen. Niets ontbrak er ons. Zelf op tv konden we onze nationale zender horen. Oria zullen we ons herinneren als uitgelezen plaats vit de vroegere jaren, vol van bezienswaardigheden, maar vodral al seen stad die zijn identiteit en menselijkheid vol sociaal contact heft weten te behovden.

Elke avond, naeen bezoek inide buurt-zowel aan de beroemde steden Manduria, Lecce, Otranto, Matera, Alberobello, als aan de stille vitgestrekte kustl’jn-, was de terugkeer even verwelkomend. Aan elke inkompoort van de stad was het alsof men stond te wachten om ons binnen te leiden naar de “Piazza Manfredi” de “ontmoetingsplaats voor iedereen”, klein of groot, jong en oud.

De fijne en gezond aangemaakte gerechten hebben we ons natuurlyk laten smaken. De Primitivo wijn kenden we al reeds van vroeger. We vinden hem lekker. Meer hoeft dat niet tezijn. Als we aléén pmerking zouden mogen maken, dan betreft het jullie biercultuur. De enige biersoort die hier in de streek frequent te vinden is, wordt ej Heineken gebrouwen.

Het wordt hoogtyd dat menhier enkele degelyke belgische biersoorten laat aanrukken. Als je weet date r meer dan 250 belgische bieren worden gebrouwen, dank an dat niet zo moetlyk zyn.

Maar… we hebbenvan ons verblyf enorm genoten en zyn ontzettend bly met Jullie vaiendelyke open hartigheid te ebben kunnen kennis maken. Tot ziens misschien.

Zeer Bedankt, Lieve en Eddie Izegem - Belgie

N° 36

15/5/07 - 10:58

09.09.06 – 15.09.06 (Unit S. Maria al Tempio)

Francesco, thank you very much for making a house a home, however long you stay. Good luck with all your ventures in the future.

We enjoyed the company of the two neighbours, the lady with the cat Bella and the lady with the dog Gianni?. They were great. Love them both. Once again “Mille Grazie”.

Chia (may be ciao??? Ndr).

Karen, Eddie & Muriel

N° 35

15/5/07 - 10:57

26.08 – 02.09 2006 (Unit S. Maria al Tempio)

Oria as the center of Puglia is a good place to discover this lovely part of Italy and Francesco’s apartment is the best place in town for spending here one, two, three…. weeks.

As the best place for ice-cream we recommend the Bar Carone in via Roma. After the visit in the Castellana Caves we recommend dinner in the restaurant Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare and the midnight beer we learned from Francesco is ok in the bars in Campomarino. Thank a lot for everything we hope to come back to Puglia the next years to learn more about the other 1000 secrets.

Thomas e Anke Norimberga, Germany

N° 34

15/5/07 - 10:57

August 20th – 26th 2006 ((Unit S. Maria al Tempio)

From the south she rises majestically

To command the fertile fifadom (?) at her feet,

And with it, spirits soar as they chance upon her.

Meaningful life and friendship lost in time for ever

Waiting to capture your remaining years and breath

Entombed in rich catacombs of glorious history

But poised to map a new glorious age.

Untwist the mind in her twisted alleys

Be reborn backwards in the glare.

Smooth the creases like the cobbles

Feel the glow of her domineering dome.

Soak up the joys and sorrows through every portal

And become lost in her bewitching mystery.

Never to forget.

Derek & Angelina, Maldon UK

N° 33

15/5/07 - 10:57

Oria, 20.08.06 (Unit Camillo 19)

- casa splendida; scusa I miei/nostril suggerimenti dati solo per un contributo eventuale (ma, oltretutto, una persona in gamba come te non ne aveva bisogno)

- Ti ringraziamo ancora per la tua disponibilità sempre repentina e le tante manifestazioni di cortesia.

- Al piacere di rivederci!

o Massimo e Roberta (Roma)

N° 32

15/5/07 - 10:56

Lunedì 31 luglio – Lunedì 7 agosto 2006 (Unit Camillo 19)

Prima mattinata ad Oria, giro turistico del meraviglioso Castello… Barbara ci ha fatto da guida ed è stata impareggiabile! Foto e riprese nelle stradine tortuose e piene di balconcini fioriti… ora andiamo a pranzo. Ieri notte abbiamo dormito come ghiri… merito del letto “da favola” e di 900 Km. sul groppone. Ferrara è molto distante ma qui ci sentiamo a casa.

Gaia e Andrea

N° 31

15/5/07 - 10:56

Saturday 22nd – Wednesday 26th July, 2006 (Unit S. Maria al Tempio)

What a beautiful apartment and an extremely generous host. We were very touched by Franco’s warm welcome, generosity and understanding of our circumstances. Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short due to a bad bout of morning sickness but hope to return (with little feet) and enjoy our stay properly.

Thank you franco and hope to welcome you to our part Scotland.

Keith and Marion Skene

N° 30

15/5/07 - 10:56

Samedi 22 – Mardi 25 Juillet 2006 (NEW UNIT: Camillo 19 n.d.r.)

Chèr M. Francesco,

Merci beaucoup de nous avoir logés car si non serait dehors.

C’est très gentil de votre part! Merci Emeline.

Un grand merci à Francesco qui nous a gentlement ouvert cet appartement (avant la date prévue) pour nous permettre de rester quelques jours de plus à Oria.

(?) Nos meilleurs souvenirs, notre court séjour (10 jours)

LECCE, superbe petit ville baroque, le cha^teau de Charles Quint (Carlo V), l’amphitéa^tre romain. Soyez attentifs à la programmation des spectacles…

TARANTO, la vielle ville et le musée archéologique ou la collection est remarquable… GALLIPOLI, LEUCA,…. Un rivage et une co^te superbe et sourtout la ville d’ORIA, les rues, l’architecture médièvale… le Cha^teau Souabe et la visite guide par Barbara. Le Cha^teau a une histoire passionante qui semble un résumé de l’histoire des Pouilles. Il donne également un point de vue remarquable à la fois sur cette pointe méridionale de l’Italie et sur l’histoire européienne. La Basilique d’Oria est à voir. Sa cripte abitant les Momies de la confraternité de la mort est très émotionante, et nous permet de croiser des influences à la fois religeuses et culturelles trés diverses… la visite reste tout fous trés émotionante. Merci ancore à Francesco, et bravo pour la qualité des appartements qu’il restaure et met à la disposition des amoureux des Pouilles.

Menon, Emeline, Véronique et Jean, Cha^teau neuf de Galaure – France

N° 29

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